Selected Performances 1975 - 2006  


GOLDSMITHS GREAT  HALL, Lewisham Way, London, UK.  April 1975  'Plastic Orchestra'

ERICS    Liverpool, UK.  8th Dec 1979 , 2  shows Matinee + Evening,  Joy Division, Section 25 Paul Higham

BLACKPOOL  PLEASURE  BEACH , Blackpool, UK  1980    Paul Higham with Section 25 :

JENKS Club Blackpool,UK  1981, Micro Computer + Video Projector  Paul Higham, Paul Banham ex SoftCell

PHILIPS STADIUM , Eindhoven, Holland  1982   

CLUB MORALE , Rotterdam, Holland  1982

THE APPOLLO, "The Knowledge",Manchester,UK  1991   Opening performance  Paul Higham, DJ Andy Weatherall

HACIENDA club Manchester, performance, feb  1988

CBGB's  New York, USA , August 1996

1996    Walker Arts Center

1997    Walker Arts Center

1997   Red Eye Theatre

1998   Chicago  Lunar Cabaret

 2001    New Orleans Sculpture lab,new orleans

2004   Big top Gallery,  new orleans


Recently Katrina destroyed my archives in my studio in the lower IXth  Ward of records and posters from shows

I am grateful to people who have provided me with materials and memories